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April 14-16, 2022

Mn Horse Expo

Minnesota State Fairgrounds

May 20-22, 2022 Season Kick-off

Riverbend Campground

Crow Hassan Park, Rogers, MN 

  Potluck Saturday 6:30

  Details in message below


Aug 26-28, 2022

Camping at Bartels

Members only

Bartels Farm

Zumbro River Valley south of Rochester




Annual Meeting

picnic/social/Annual Meeting will also be scheduled at some point, details TBA.

TBA Team Sorting Lesson with Calves

TBA: If suffiicient interest, details below

OutWest Ranch, Buffalo, MN

All Event details in message below



Message from Lynda Zimmerman, President

April 23, 2022




Hello Members and Friends,

May is just around the corner and park horse trails will be opening soon! Yay, can’t wait! MAPFHA has an upcoming Season Kick Off and Camping event in just a few short weeks. C’mon out and join the fun! Bring your horse and ride for the day or camp for the weekend (members only) or come for socializing at the Potluck! Not a member yet? The application is attached. Hope to see you there! Details below.



Minnesota Horse Expo wrap up

Five MAPFHA riders represented our breed at the MN Horse Expo last week. The three event days constituted one of the coldest Expos any of us remember, with snow/ice all day Thursday, ferocious wind and hard freeze overnight temps, but winter clothing, camper heaters and visits to the heated Coliseum kept us warm. We performed in the Breed Demonstrations and Parade of Breeds daily. Our Demo routine told the story of a group searching for a beautiful bird in the forest with an alluring call, synchronized to the flute and instrumental music. It was our most artistic presentation in recent years with peacock feather designed capes.   Here’s a link to the video Ellie Bazant (Erica’s friend) took for us and a few event pictures. Turn on the sound so you can hear the bird (flute) call, music and story description.


Bob took many more photos, and they are posted on our Facebook page and on his Flickr site,

Jan Meyer, Erica Woytcke and I also volunteered for three vendor demonstrations, and we held a brief get together with Michael Gascon and his wife, Kelsey. Kelsey is the leader of the Trixie Chicks stunt riders, who gave quite an exciting performance.


Special thanks to our riders: Jan Meyer, Erica Woytcke, Tracy Porter, Shirley May; to Pam Farmer for organizing the get together; to Ellie Bazant for the video; and to Bob, Marv, and Pam for photos. I also have to really commend the Expo organizers and staff for their valiant efforts to hold the Expo in this challenging year (weather, schedule conflicts, cancellations of 

many horses and vendors)! Darrell Mead, Toni Gillen, Jenny Busky, Vicki Deeds and all were welcoming and accommodating, as were the vendors who attended!



Trail Riding Kick-off and Camping event: We have reserved the Riverbend Campground at Crow Hassan Regional Park for the weekend of May 20-22 (Friday to Sunday). Please note this is the campground on the north side of the park, not the Blue Stem campground we have used previously. Check in time is 3:00 p.m. Friday, and we must vacate the campground by 1:00 p.m. Sunday. Website links are below.


Crow Hassan is one of the parks in the Three Rivers Park District and requires its own park horse trail pass (not the MN State Horse pass). It’s easiest if you purchase either the annual or day pass in advance, online from their website as passes are not available to purchase in the campground. They are available at the main trailhead parking lot, however, which you will have to drive or ride over to obtain. Purchasing online is more convenient. Website links are below.

We’ll plan for a potluck Saturday evening, around 6:30 p.m., to be held outside (no cabin or electricity). There is a fire ring with log benches and firewood; please do not bring outside wood. This campground also has two sets of tie lines each for three horses and a functional barn with stalls; sites are non-electric. Bring your own hay, feed, water buckets, etc. Vault toilets and a water hydrant are on site.


This camping event is a special perk for MAPFHA members only; if you haven’t renewed yet for 2022, the application is attached. We will have the entire campground for our use and are asking campers to pay $15 per night for each camping unit/rig/tent to help offset the group camp rental. You do not have to make reservations with the park system and can pay Chuck at the campground. There is no cost to those who just come for a day ride or the potluck. Come for the weekend, the day or just to socialize at the potluck!


For a park map, driving directions and trail passes:



Team Sorting Lesson with Calves: Who is interested in introducing their horse to cattle?  Whether you plan to participate in team sorting competition or just want to be prepared if you should ever meet cattle on a trail (e.g. at Medora, ND), this introduction is a valuable experience for your horse and a safety precaution for you.


If there is sufficient interest, I will schedule a lesson at OutWest Ranch, Buffalo, MN, to introduce our horses to calves and the sport of Team Sorting at a beginner level. No experience is necessary, and no familiarity with cattle is needed. Jan Meyer, Pam Farmer, Erica Woytcke and I have taken our horses for these lessons, and Jacob Christiansen offers an excellent format that slowly and gently exposes the horses to the calves and helps them learn that calves are not fearsome. It’s a fun learning opportunity for all!


FYI - Last year’s lessons were offered on Tuesday evenings, $60 each per hour lesson starting at 6 p.m., cash preferred to Jacob at the lesson. A group of 6-8 is ideal because the horses learn to work with a variety of partners. If we have enough member interest, we can have our own group lesson. If we don’t have enough MAPFHA members for our own group, I will invite other friends. Please contact me ASAP to get on the list (I have 3-4 names on the list already).



MAPFHA Members only perk Camping/Trail Ride event at Jim and Susan Bartels’ farm 

DATE Change below: This is a fantastic fun opportunity. Weather has been uncooperative the past few years, so it’s turned out to be a rare event, as well. (Hint: don’t miss out!)


We will attempt yet another weekend with the gregarious and gracious Bartels and hope the weather is half as friendly this year! Located on the actual site of a former Stagecoach stop, their historic farm in the Zumbro River valley is a treasure to explore and ride. Jim grooms the trails up and down the wooded hills, around the pastoral corn and bean fields and to the top of the scenic farmland vistas. Two Zumbro River crossings are easy for the horses. The riding is classic Minnesota style! They are delightful hosts, and we always have fun socializing there, too.


Their farm is located just south of Rochester a few miles, and they offer a few electric hook-ups for LQ trailers; have a large pole barn for gathering, eating meals and playing games with a refrigerator and kitchen area for crock-pots and have an Old Wild West storefront “village” complete with outhouse. One building can serve as a cabin for one party who needs sleeping arrangements; you’ll need to reserve in advance. Horses can be secured in various paddocks or small pastures according to who gets along with whom. Bring your own hay, feed, water buckets, supplies, etc.


We do ask that you “donate” to defray their costs and to thank them for their generous hospitality! We suggest at least the equivalent of state park camping rates. This opportunity is an outstanding member perk, for sure! We’ve been rained out the past few years, so start visualizing, sending good energy or just crossing your fingers for good weather this year!


Note the Date Change: August 26-28 is the correct weekend. I will ask for RSVPs later this summer for planning purposes.


Hope to see you at the Riverbend Campground, Crow Hassan Regional Park! Please contact me ASAP if you want to participate in the calf lesson at OutWest Arena, Buffalo.


Lynda Zimmerman, President

Mid America Paso Fino Horse Assn.



Live, Laugh, Love, Ride!


Lynda Zimmerman, President

Chuck Hauser, Treasurer and National Delegate

Janice Meyer, Secretary

Sharon Gallagher, Director at Large



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