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Apr 24-26

MN Horse Expo 



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May 8-10


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Sept 4-7

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Bartels Farm,

Rochester, MN


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Message from Lynda Zimmerman, President

April 8, 2020




April 8, 2020
Hello MAPFHA Members and Friends,


I hope this message finds you healthy and Safe at Home during this pandemic whether working and educating from home or just avoiding virus exposure. We definitely are in unprecedented times.


You probably have heard by now that the MN Horse Expo has been cancelled. That was a very disappointing decision for those of us planning to participate but certainly warranted given the uncertainty at the time, and as it has turned out, it was a wise and timely decision with the subsequent extensions. Making the decision early enough allowed performers, vendors and participants to avoid additional expenses and possibly the opportunity to recover some of their travel costs.


Another casualty of the pandemic is our plan to hold our annual Spring Season Ride and Potluck at Wild River State Park in May. After discussion and waiting to see what Governor Walz would announce today, the Board has decided to cancel our plans for the event and our camping reservations. The state campgrounds may delay opening (we don’t know yet), but even so, exposure to the virus will still be an issue, and none of us wants to risk that. So, we will not hold a Spring riding/camping event.


We’ll just have to see how the summer plays out and if the virus is still a threat to our riding and socializing plans in Fall. The various models indicate wide variance, but health authorities are forecasting another surge of some kind in Fall; of course, that remains to be seen. We’ll make plans (or not) accordingly. This may just be the summer of isolated day rides.


News sources have warned of increased scams and phishing attempts by unscrupulous characters preying on our fears or desires to help others. My email was recently hacked and a fake email sent to Chuck and another member. Please know that I would NEVER ask you for money, gift cards on behalf of charity, and I have no plans to leave the country (another fake ploy)! If you should receive a false email like that from me or anyone, do NOT reply to the email, just delete it. Replying to it puts you and me and our computer systems at risk of future hacking and viruses. Please take it seriously; don’t fool with them. If you want to let me know or ask me if the message is genuine, write a new email instead. Do NOT reply to the suspicious one.


Meanwhile, stay home, stay safe, stay healthy and please stay in touch if any of you or your family catch it. We are a small close-knit group even if we don’t get together frequently, and we all want to support our friends as we are able. I hope your horses are all doing well, too!


You’ve heard “We’re all in this together,” and that certainly is a bond we share as Paso Fino riding friends.


Sincerely thinking of you all, on behalf of the MAPFHA Board of Directors,



From: Lynda Zimmerman []
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2020 9:58 AM

Subject: 2020 MN Horse Expo - CANCELLED!


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience waiting for information. Per announcement on the Horse Expo website this morning, this year’s Horse Expo has been cancelled. While certainly disappointing, it was not surprising given the current virus situation and updated restrictions on public gatherings.


Thank you for  your efforts, planning, willingness to participate and help! Hopefully, we can go again next year, and I hope you all stay healthy and can avoid the virus!





Lynda Zimmerman, President

Mid America Paso Fino Horse Assn.

Live, Laugh, Love, Ride!


Chuck Hauser, Treasurer and Membership

Janice Meyer, Secretary

Sharon Gallagher, Director at Large



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