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  • 4/27/18 - 4/19/18  Minnesota Horse Expo 2018
    • Minnesota State Fairgrounds
  • 5/11/18 - 5/13/18 Season Kick-off event 
    • Crow-Hassan/Three Rivers Park on Mother’s Day 
  • 9/11/18 - 9/13-18 Fall Ride
    • Bartel's Farm Ride




MAPFHA Meeting Update and Photos

Message 2/3/18


Hello Members,

Fourteen members got together at Jacque B’s on a sunny, but frigid, January day for our annual MAPFHA meeting. We enjoyed a good lunch with our good company, raffled off several nice items (discounted engraved halter offer and lead ropes from Dover, bottles of wine, etc.), and everyone went home with a bag of treats for their Paso Fino, courtesy of Dover Saddlery in Medina.  I’ll just present a few highlights here for those of you who missed it but want to stay informed. Pictures are included below.

-Revised Bylaws were approved and are now published on the website, (Thank you, Diane!) Accordingly, your 2018 MAPFHA membership will be valid through December.

-Jan Meyer and I were re-elected to our respective Secretary and President positions, thank you! We are both pleased to continue to support this organization for the love of our Paso Finos.

-Motion approved by all to donate $100 again to the ProPaso US Rescue Network operated by Carmen Micheletti in Florida. Carmen has been instrumental in establishing this nationwide network specifically for Paso Finos and last year supported 75 horses (intake, care and adoption and/or rehoming). Donations can be made through PayPal to Paso Largo Farm. Or you can purchase/adopt a rescue horse, too (see also my note below). Some are even registered.

-Spring Season Kick-off event will be held at the Blue Stem campground at Crow-Hassan Regional Park again on Mother’s Day weekend, May 11-13. Camping fees are paid by MAPFHA, but you will need to purchase a Three Rivers Parks trail pass. Daily passes can be purchased at the kiosk in the trailhead parking lot, or you can purchase annual passes online through their website or by calling. Guests and/or family members are welcome to camp and ride with us by paying the Guest Membership fee again, $10 for individuals, $15 for a family. That’s a great deal for a camping weekend! We’ll plan for a potluck again on Saturday night.

-Rather than a fall camping/riding event in October this year, Jim and Sue Bartels have tentatively invited us to their farm near Rochester for Labor Day weekend. Details are not confirmed yet, but stay tuned.

-MAPFHA will participate again at the Minnesota Horse Expo the last weekend in April. I hope you can all come to watch our demonstration and support the promotional effort. If you know other Paso Fino owners or those interested in the breed, encourage them to come and take a look, as well as join us for networking and group trail riding fun.

Pictured from L-R aound the table counter-clockwise: Diane Merz (our webmaster), Sharon Gallagher, Nancy Drumsta, Sue Bartels, Jim Bartels, Bill Reding, Marv (Jan) Meyer, Barb Scherer and Dan Scherer. Chuck, Jan and I were also present but off camera.

Photo board Bob assembled featuring everyone who happened to be there, photos from last year and previous years showing some of the versatility of our marvelous Pasos!

Dan and Barb Scherer and Marv Meyer waiting for their raffle tickets to be drawn. (smile)

New member, Erica Woyctke drew raffle tickets while Bob held the bag. Erica is also the new owner of my mare, Zia.

Bill Reding returning to his seat with his raffle prize and a view looking down the table.



I recently purchased one of Carmen’s rescue horses, and he will be coming to MN in mid-March. He’s thought to be part-Arab and part-Paso, so not registered and with an unknown background. He was picked up by the So. FL SPCA as a stray a couple years ago and last year was transferred to Paso Largo Farm. From the reports and video, he seems well-trained. Carmen and her volunteers take very good care of the rescues, rehabbing them and helping them recover from their unfortunate circumstances whether from an auction, unwanted situation or kill pen. Often they need vet care and good nutrition.


I have joined her network as a contact person, so if you hear of an unwanted Paso in jeopardy, please notify me. If you know anyone planning to cheaply sell or give away a Paso, please encourage them to set a price above the kill buyer’s price per pound when they advertise so the horse doesn’t end up being shipped to slaughter. (They can always sell for less to the right buyer.) And if you or anyone you know may be willing to help foster or re-home a Paso Fino, please notify me.


Sharon Gallagher also has a few Pasos available for sale, “to good homes only” if you know anyone looking or considering buying a Paso Fino. Let’s support our breed, in addition to enjoying our own individuals, here in the North country.


I hope to see you at the Horse Expo if not sooner! Stay warm; we’re getting more daylight hours every day! And, if you haven’t renewed your membership yet, you can still do so; the membership application is attached.


On behalf of Chuck Hauser, Jan Meyer and Sharon Gallagher (the Board of Directors),


Lynda Zimmerman, President

Mid America Paso Fino Horse Assn.


Live, laugh, love, ride!





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