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Annual Meeting:

The MAPFHA Annual Meeting will be held on January 13 , 2018.  The meeting location has changed, and the information is yet to be determined.


Elections – President, Secretary

Since we have received no nominations for President and Secretary, we will take nominations at the Annual Meeting in January and conduct a general election at that time.


MN Horse Expo 2018:

If you are interested in participating and exhibiting your Paso Fino at the MN Horse Expo next year, please contact me immediately. Stall reservations and deposit are requested to be submitted by Oct. 30. We have not participated as a group since 2015 due to insufficient interest and the 4-day time commitment, but we are willing to consider the opportunity again if members will commit to it. In the past, MAPFHA has paid for a portion of the horse stall rental and for a shared tack stall for exhibitors. Daily entry fees are waived for exhibitors. Two members have indicated interest, but there’s still time to step up.


The Expo is held Fri.-Sun. the last weekend in April at the MN State Fairgrounds in St. Paul. Horse check-in is on Thursday, and horses must remain on the grounds until Sunday, 5 p.m. Riders/owners can camp on the fairgrounds or drive back and forth each day; but they must be in attendance and care for their own horse daily, as well as participate in the presentation practice and exhibitions. Participation includes the Parade of Breeds (12-1 p.m. Fri.-Sun.) and the Breed Demonstrations on Fri.-Sat. No experience is necessary, but your horse should be able to safely handle a high-stimulus environment both in the Coliseum and on the street.


Minnesota’s Horse Expo is one of the largest in the country and a great opportunity to promote the Paso Fino; but, we want well--aited, well-behaved horses to present their finest attributes to the public.


MAPFHA Proposed Changes to Bylaws and Membership Renewal:

Changes were presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting and will be voted on for approval at the 2018 meeting. I will re-send the proposed changes for your review in an upcoming message.


One of the proposals involves changing the membership timeline to be synchronous with the new PFHA membership calendar, which now runs Jan.-Dec. MAPFHA’s current membership year runs Oct. 1-Sept. 30. If the change is approved at our Annual Meeting 2018, the new membership year will begin next year in 2018.


So, for now, Membership RENEWALS are DUE. Please fill out and submit your renewal now to Chuck Hauser (dues and address are on the attached form). New members receive their first year free; no payment needed, just send the completed application. Website:

Many, many thanks to Diane Merz, our new webmaster, for updating and renewing the MAPFHA website! The domain name had expired, and Diane spent some time tracking down alternatives for us, as well as updating the content. More pictures will be posted yet, but please note the new URL, take a look and bookmark the page for future reference,  (the former site is still visible, but no longer current; we are unable to delete it due to lost access passwords). We also still have our Facebook group page for convenient communication.  





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